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This web site contains news, tips, tutorials, glossaries and other information about both video and audio editing. You'll also find helpful links to hardware and software manufacturers.

This site also offers a helpful user forum where you can post any questions you may have about editing.

If you have questions about equipment, software or general editing techniques, feel free to visit our discussion forum. There, you can post a question or read the information provided by other members.

It's quick and easy to register. Once you do, you'll be able to create posts as well as respond to others. You may also join private forums and groups, such as those for specific television networks. You must be an employee of those networks to be admitted to those groups and sections, though.

This section contains tutorials and other how-to information about both video and audio editing. You'll find both written information and videos to help you become a better editor.

In addition to the above tutorials, you'll find regular columns with insight, hints and tips to make your job easier.

Columns range from weekly and monthly installments to long term articles and tips.

Not sure about a certain technical term? Look it up here. This section contains terms and definitions for both audio and video editing.

Check in here for updates on what is happening in the world of editing and television production. Use the left and right arrows on the module below to select between the various news sources. Then click on any article that interests you to read the entire story. Click here to view a larger version of the reader.

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